inge’s house



Auroville, India

Project Type : Architecture – Residence

Status : Completed 2001

A+D Competition – Residential category – First Prize 2002

Published in numerous Indian and international magazines and journals

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    3 Responses to “inge’s house”

    1. Sujith.G.S says:

      Dear Mr.Dominic,

      I maintain a blog on architecture and would like to add your works on my blog. Request your permission to kindly use the images from your website on my blog.


    2. DDIRstudio says:

      Dear Sujith

      Please feel free to use them provided the trackbacks are mentioned.
      Good luck !


    3. ashok iyer says:

      hi folks
      you guys at DDIR have lots to teach this country … not to complicate the design….i love your works….i am an artist…fotographer….i want to build a home at chennai ….with just your sensibilities….very very minimal….all white …black & grey….will u service a small client like me or only high fliers :( ….i can promise you only one thing ….a great location to build a monument which people will appreciate…over looking the sea….would love to chat with you guys…any takers ?????
      -warmest regards
      ashok iyer

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